Being the Machine is a project that I am developing that takes a critical perspective on the design of digital fabrication systems like 3D printers. In essence, it is a project that asks a human to perform the actions of a 3D printer in order to produce physical versions of digital models from everyday materials. From a critical point of view, this project questions our relationship to machines and asks if there is some role “smart” systems can play beyond simply helping some one produce something. From a practical perspective, 3D printing by hand opens up opportunities to expand the possible building materials and think about building at scales that are still difficult for 3D printers. I am currently developing this project as Graduate Student Researcher and an Artist-In-Residence at Instructables/Autodesk. You can become your own 3D printer if you follow the instructions at:


Jan: Being the Machine (although it is titled Redeform for this demo) will be exhibited in the arts track of the ACM Conference on Tangible and Embodied Interaction at Stanford University Jan 15-19. The project will be a participatory piece that asks participants to construct a model of the Stanford bunny (a historic test bench model for 3D printers) from balloons.
Jan: I will be performing as the machine  to create a 2D drawing using tool paths from a model of a gun at the Autodesk AiR show, Jan 22-24
Feb: I will be  at DataClay, a one day conference at the California College of the Arts exploring alternative fabrication systems and their applications in the arts. This conference is held in conjunction with an exhibit by the same name at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco
Apr: A full paper describing our design and study entitled, Being the Machine: Reconfiguring Agency and Control in Hybrid Fabrication (with Kimiko Ryokai) will be presented and published at CHI 2015 in Seoul South Korea in April