Fluxus Inspired Prototyping

What began as a playful mail-exchange by myself and Kristina Andersen emerged, two years later, as a broader reflection on our research field of human-computer interaction’s obsession with the new. Specifically, we began to turn to Fluxus, an avant-garde movement of the late 50’s and 60’s as a model for how we might productively question and critique the values of our field from within. This consisted of a reflection on our own Fluxus inspired correspondence, a workshop we hosted to understand how such approaches are taken up within HCI, and a collaborative activity by myself, Kristina Andersen, Daniela Rosner, Ron Wakkary and James Pierce where we wrote and exchanged “event” scores for attending to our relationships with technology.

Disruptive Improvisation Workshop

From HCI to HCI Amusement: Strategies for Engaging what New Technology Makes Old – CHI 2019 Full Paper