Canned Laughter is a series of drawings and an accompanying zine that I created for the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forums’ show Anthology. The concept for the project stemmed from an appreciation of communities centered around a theme. At the time I was creating the drawings, I began attending every convention that took place at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, from gun shows to cat shows, and I would take mental notes about the people I would see in these places. I would go home and draw the images and write the stories from memory, keeping a log of some of the simpler pleasures gleaned from peeking into the life of someone else. At some point in the project, I realized that I was most drawn to the elderly I would see around these events. There was a sweetness to the way in which they were interested in something and it seemed as though they finally had the time to enjoy it, or at least that is how I feel. I spend so much time doing projects and thinking about goals and the future that I found it really calming to see people who had already done that, who knew what their life story is for the most part and could now just enjoy the moments in the speed in which they pass.