This is a computer simulation I made of the AES encryption process as a final project in my Cryptography course. Part learning tool, part gadget, this little project is one of my favorite to date. With only three projects to choose from, the task of picking wasn’t so difficult. One unfamiliar with the AES encryption process might now have the slightest about what’s going on but here’s the gist of it. Input some secret text, Input some secret key – run them through a series of operations (Add Round Key, Shift Rows, Mix Columns, Sub-Bytes & Key Scheduling) about 10 times until the output is so unidentifiable and statistically random (as shown in the byte frequency option) that someone trying to get at your secret message without the key would have absolutely no feasible way to find the secret text. If they did have the key – it’s a simple reversal of the process and you’re good to go.